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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 10, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, december 10th. and this morning, royal ambush. protesters in london attack a car carrying prince charles and camilla, in britain's worst political violence in years. >> off with their heads. >> this morning, camilla's reaction. and we show you just how close rioters came to the royal couple. police on high alert for more student protests today. pain at the pump. a record rise in gas prices taking hold across the nation. how the highest prices in years could hurt us at the holidays. hotel homicide. the mysterious death of a se designer at new york's exclusive sojo house. how the son of an oscar-winning composer is being questioned by police.
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and the cruise ship off antarctica, rocked by 30-foot waves, finally makes it to port overnight. passengers tell us about living through a real-life perfect storm. good friday morning to everyone. the pictures out of london. >> never seen anything like it. >> no, no. prince charles and camilla, stunned. the prince even pushed his wife on the floor of the car to protect her, from rioters who smashed the rear window of the car. >> it's amazing the security would allow them to get that close. the royal couple kept their cool. camilla told reporters, there's a first time for everything. the prime minister saying the full force of the law will be mused on the mob who attacked the car and destroyed property all across central london. we'll talk to the photographer who captured the images.
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>> let's look at what was behind the riots in the streets. thousands of students protesting tuition hikes. and jeffrey kofman is there live and has the latest for us. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. this is a supreme court building here, in parliament square. look at the shattered glass here. the graffiti. "r" for revolution. britain is waking up to shock, anger and anxiety, after the worst anti-government protest in a long time. and after the worst attack on the royal family in a generation. >> off with their heads. off with their heads. >> reporter: the royal couple under attack, on their way to a charity event, their rolls-royce ambushed by an angry mob of protesters. prince charles, the heir to the british throne, smiles and appears unfazed, trying to calm the crowd. but this picture shows his wife, camilla, duchess of cornwall?
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shock. >> she was terrified. and camilla, got down on the floor. it was surreal. you knew there was going to be chaos. but you never expected the presence of the royal couple. >> reporter: there was remarkably little security. police on motorcycles and an escort car. overwhelmed security officers struggled to regain control. the royal couple emerged unharmed and went on with their official duties, leaving behind their paint-splattered limousine, with its shattered windows. all that followed an angry day of protests outside prison's parliament. as the conservative government here forced through legislation that will triple the cost of tuition. up to $15,000 a year, in a country that just a few years ago, offered free tuition as a
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remedy for inequality. the government says it has to raise tuition to maintain quality education in the face of a huge deficit. but in so doing, it has revived a class warfare that ripped apart this country a generation ago. why are you so angry? >> why am i so angry? they tried to get working-class kids, how are will we get jobs? they are trying to steal education away from the working class and keep it themselves. >> reporter: sources tell us the 30-year-old rolls-royce is not fully armored because the royal family likes to roll down the window to give waves. prince charles was unfazed. camilla was shocked. but she recovered quickly. as she left the charity event, she laughed it off, saying i'm fine, thanks. there's a first time for everything. robin? >> trying to keep cool there. all right, jeffrey. joining us now from london, associated press photographer, matt dunham, who took that picture of the royal couple under attack.
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matt, run us through what happened. minutes before the attack, you're walking along the street. and what did you see? >> okay. so, what i was doing, i'd been covering the student protests in the daytime. this was a breakaway group, trying to get into the main protest in parliament square. they couldn't get in there because the police weren't letting them. so, what happened is, a large group started forming as mo protesters are gathering outside of the police cordon. and they basically went on a rampage through central london. they walked to what i would think be about 25 minutes to another area in the center, where they met up with prince charles and camilla in their car, who somehow were stuck in the middle of them. >> and they had no idea, that they were going to be there, that the royal couple was going to be there? the car? >> i had no idea at all. nor did the protesters. they were trying to smash windows. they were venting out other people's cars, as well.
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i looked back. i could see a royal car. i knew it was a royal car from the distance because i photograph them quite often. and i didn't know who was in it. so, i went back to see. and i could see camilla first. the car was surrounded by protesters. they were banging on the windows, shouting. there were other people just gathering around, while i was taking pictures and people filming with their mobile phones, as well. >> you had to be surprised that you were able to get as close as you did to take the pictures. and we heard off with their heads. off with their heads. did you hear anything that prince charles or camilla -- anything they were saying? >> i couldn't hear anything. i was asked what i heard the protesters saying. honestly, i was just focusing on taking my pictures. i couldn't hear anything in the car, either. the only thing i think was clear from one of my photographs is you can see camilla shouting out. i presume to the driver, to get them out of there as fast as possible. >> i don't blame her for that one bit.
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we can see her probably doing that. matt, terrific work that you did. and thank you for sharing it with us. we do appreciate it. you take care. >> thank you very much. >> all right, matt. >> did his job. let's get more on this with "this week" anchor, christiane amanpour. the range of this is shocking, in part because of the scale of the changes in the budget. >> this is all about the austerity going on in britain right now. tuition is about to triple after a long time of britain having free university. they're very angry with the coalition partner, nick clegg, of the liberal democrats because he promised never to support tuition hikes. in parliament, on the vote, 21 of his lawmakers voted against 8. the majority of his members did not vote with him. and in his defense, he said this is the only thing we could do. we lost the election. >> and they did pass the tuition hike. is there any sense that this government, this coalition government, could fall because
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of the protests, because of the budget cuts? >> not at this point. but what is really happening, and i think you've seen it across europe, as europe decides to address the deficit and the big debts by austerity, there's been protests all over the place. in france, greece, now in england. but not that the government is about to fall at the moment. but there's hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs that will be lost. hundreds of government programs are going to be cut back. so, this is what is shaping up in the future because a lot more cuts are to come. >> we're seeing a tale of two britains. all this excitement over the royal wedding. all this rage over the budget cuts. is there word there could be a backlash against the wedding? >> the national union of students condemned what happened in britain yesterday. there are students there. but the police said some anarchists. we've seen when there's been big world trade organization meetings, there are people that go on the streets and cause this kind of mayhem.
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there's a big debate going on right now. listening to the british media. i know that area very well, how could that driver have driven into there, knowing this had been televised live all day. there are alternative routes. >> anyone familiar with presidential security is amazed by this. >> it's not the same as presidential security. >> final question. you mentioned the protests across europe, as they deal with their budget deficits. a lot of people look at those protests. look at our budget and deficit and say our president is their future. >> it's hard to say. right now, the united states has not gone the austerity route. there's going to have to be dealings with the debt. but really, europe has struck out on its own and decided, we are not going to go for more stimulus. we're going to go austerity right now. that's what you're seeing all over. france, trying to raise the retirement age. caused days and weeks of protests in the streets. >> christiane, thank you very much. see you sunday on "this week." let's go to washington for our own budget battles.
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jon karl joins us from capitol hill. jake tapper at the white house. we're not having riots in the streets yet. we had a row velt among house democrats yesterday. voting against the president's tax package in their own caucus. but last night, the senate democrats had come together. this has a price tag of $858 billion. and it seems clear likely this could pass a key vote in the senate as early as monday. >> reporter: yeah. it sure does, george. look, yesterday, you had the house democrats actually chanting, no, we can't, at a private meeting. and what happened is, the house democrats drew a line in the sand saying, at the very at least, they wanted to see a provision slashing the estate tax changed. and when the senate introduced the bill late last night, the estate tax provision was in there, unchanged. so, there's still a lot of raw anger in the house. they're signaling, when it comes over there, they will try to change that provision. and if it doesn't happen, george, you can see upwards of 100, maybe significantly more, house democrats voting no. >> jake, the white house seems
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pretty confident, this is going to pass, even without the changes. i guess their counting on the republicans just putting this thing over. >> reporter: that's right. they feel more confident about the bill as it is, getting through the senate. they say it will get through the house. whether or not it gets a majority of house democrats, is another matter. they're focusing a lot of energy on lobbying key democrats, members of the congressional black caucus, barney frank and others. they see democrats going through a period where they have to voice frustration about this bill. but eventually, many of them will come their way. and in fact, they see speaker pelosi's anger about this bill, about this compromise, as being very strategic. she is working the house democrats' anger for them. and getting to a place where they feel more comfortable voting for it, they say and they hope. >> yeah. i've been told from congressional aides that speaker pelosi doesn't necessarily share all of the anger that her caucus has. but as you say, wants to let it vent. meantime, the president giving
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an interview to national public radio this morning, where he talks about his longer-term goal of tax reform. cutting the loopholes in an attempt to get lower rates for everyone. >> reporter: they are talking about that. it's a very complicated process to reform the tax code. they are looking into it. bringing down individual and corporate tax rates. at the same time, eliminating a lot of the deductions, making it more streamline. i would say that's certainly on the agenda. but it's not a front-burner item. >> probably something for the state of the union. quickly before we go, jon karl, it looked like a chance of the don't ask, don't tell repeal would pass the senate. but it failed when it came up for a vote yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: yeah. but here's the thing, george. one democratic senator missed the vote. two republicans that support repeal voted no, strictly on procedural grounds. there's one more effort to get that passed. there are the votes to do it.
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it's a question of whether or not they can get it done by the end of the year. and whether or not the republicans will drop the procedural objections. >> thanks very much. >> gentlemen. abc news has learned that wikileaks founder, julian assange, may face indictment here in the u.s. for spying. assange remains in custody in london on unrelated sexual assault charges. jim sciutto has the latest. >> reporter: already in a british prison for questioning on allegations of sexual assault in sweden, his lawyers say julian assange may face a grand jury indictment in the u.s., under the espionage act. >> of course, we don't believe it applies to mr. assange. and in any event, he's entitled to first amendment protections as publisher of wikileaks. >> reporter: he is being held in a solitary cell, with no access to a computer and limited access to a phone and his lawyers. >> this means he's under significant surveillance. but also means he has more restrictive conditions than
7:14 am
other prisoners. >> reporter: in sweden, lawyers for assange's accusers have little sympathy. >> he has molested them. and after that, he has sacrificed them for his own interests. >> reporter: a worldwide hackers continue to attack websites that have cut ties with wikileaks. from prison, julian assange denies he is directing those attacks in anyway. for "good morning america," jim sciutto, abc news, london. now, sam champion has the weather. he has more on the cold snap. we find sam in vermont. oh, snowy vermont. good morning, sam. >> yeah. robin, it's gorgeous here this morning. zero degrees. a brand-new pocket of cold air that's reinforced everything in new england today. let's get to the boards. zero in burlington right now. it got down to 14 in boston. 22 in new york. most of these numbers will be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below normal. it is dry. but it is brutally cold. heavy rain in the northwest yesterday. flooding in the portland area.
7:15 am
there will be more rain today. flood watches all along the washington/oregon coastline today. look at the big board. the snow will start in minnesota, iowa and wisconsin, as we go through the day today. but there's more to talk about that later.
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and we are live in essex, vermont, this morning, as "gma" lights up america. this is our first tree lighting of the season, george. it is spectacular. it's vermont. think bingcrosby. think everything about "little white christmas." it is gorgeous here. >> sam, thank very much. we're going to turn to a story that's making front-page headlines in new york. a mysterious death in one of manhattan's most exclusive, private clubs. the body of a wealthy, young fashion designer was found in a bathtub early yesterday morning. and police are grilling her boyfriend about the death. jeremy hubbard is on the scene with details.
7:17 am
>> reporter: good morning, george. it happened in manhattan's trendy meat pack district. the designer found dead. her boyfriend, the son of an oscar-winner, questioned by police. the party scene in this new york city neighborhood, sobered by crime scene investigators, removing evidence in the death of 33-year-old fashion designer sylvie cachay. >> sojo house is full of celebrities. it has a rom innocent new york city membership. and it's very exclusive. when a fashion designer is found dead in a hotel room here, it's going to raise eyebrows. >> reporter: police were called after a hotel guest noticed water leaking from a room above. it was on overflowing bathtub. inside, cachay's unclothed body. questioned by cops, nicholas brooks. he left and had drinks with people he met at the he toll. and returned. brooks comes from a famous family. ♪ you light up my life
7:18 am
>> reporter: his father, joseph, won an oscar for writing the '70s hit," you light up my life." he's had his own run-ins with the law, indicted last year on more than 80 sex charges, accused of sexually assaulting actresses. as for brooks, he and the fashion designer had reportedly been having troubles. >> one friend said it was a tumultuous relationship. >> reporter: friends called sylvie cachay the darling of the fashion world. cachay's friends and family released a statement saying, in part, the world has lost a beautiful soul. she'll be deeply and painfully missed. now, there is reportedly surveillance tapes showing the boyfriend leaving the hotel. and also reports of a bite mark on one of the victim's hands. two clues investigators will look at as they continue to probe this mystery death. george? >> okay, jeremy. going to make a turn and
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talk about gas prices. they are on the rise again. no relief in sight. the average price at the pump is higher than $3 a gallon in many parts of the country. david muir has been following it all. and went to find out how americans are dealing with the hit to the wallet this busy holiday season. we see the price is well above $3 where you are, david. >> reporter: right over my shoulder, robin. well above $3. this is what commuters are waking up to in 20 states across the country. economists will say blame a weaker u.s. dollar, higher global demand for oil. but all of it comes as american families, as you know, robin, are already strapped. across this country, hardly a holiday gift. gas prices now nearing $3 a gallon. and in many places, surpassing it. in boston, $3.01 a gallon. in cleveland, $2.99. to the south, in houston, $2.75 a gallon. and from coast-to-coast, the cost of gas has so many families eating into an already-stretched family budget.
7:20 am
this pasadena mother is already paying more than $3 a gallon. >> for us, we base our budget around gas. we get gas first. we deal with everything else later. >> reporter: that everything else, for so many, including holiday spending. and in the final weeks of the holiday shopping season, economists predict a balancing act. >> what we do know is when energy prices surge, we see people go less frequently to the stores. >> reporter: which is not what already-battered retailers want to hear. the last few weeks of the shopping season are when usually so many get back in the black. if you have to deliver your goods, $3 gasoline makes it harder to turn the corner. steven has been delivering christmas trees for 20 years. he's spending $1,000 a week on gas. >> business is booming. but profits are down because we have to spend more on gas than last year. >> reporter: holiday shoppers might notice something more at the store. deeper discounts. that's to get them in the car. >> because they have to
7:21 am
compensate for a consume they're doesn't have a lot of extra cash. and they're paying for higher prices at the pump and more christmas purchases. >> reporter: let's hope that's actually the case because economists say expect the prices to go up another 15 cents in the coming weeks. a barrel of oil inches closer to $90. and something to keep in mind. for every $1 a barrel goes up, it's another 2 cents to 3 cents at the gas pump. a little trivia folks would probably rather not know. >> david, thanks so much. have a good weekend. our "picture of the morning" now, a video. "hold my hand," the first single from the michael jackson's album. it's on the late singer's website today. ♪ >> producers working on the album said jackson wanted to give the world a gift. a song that fans will remember forever. the album comes out tuesday. coming up, the cruise ship rocked by 30-foot waves finally in port. we're going to talk live to
7:22 am
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building whiter, stronger teeth. >> police are on the scene of an accident off interstate 80 in berkeley that began as a high-speed chase. frances has been following this all morning. >> eric, here's earlier footage, a closeup shot of the car that
7:25 am
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oprah: in 1987, aids hit this small town. >> im repulsed by him. >> now, oprah returns to williamson, west virginia. oprah: do you feel in any way that you owe that family an apologogogogogogogogogogogogogog
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what a ride on the way to antarctica. 30-foot waves, 50-mile-per-hour winds battered this cruise ship. all 88 passengers onboard are on dry land right now. they finally got into port. hear about their nightmare trip ahead. we have a couple of passengers live, standing by. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. also this friday morning, it's being called cops and robbers on steroids. teenagers playing a risky game with real cars, fake guns. we're going to tell you about the frightening, new trend. >> scary when police are worried. also, "what would you do?" this time if you saw a pregnant woman drinking. not just drinking. taking shots at a bar.
7:31 am
you'll be surprised as what people did and didn't do in our "what would you do?" series. first, the luxury cruise ship battered by 30-foot waves off the coast of antarctica, finally docked in argentina last night. none of the 88 passengers, all americans, nor the 77 crew members, were hurt. now, the passengers are sharing details of their ordeal. and juju has been following this from the beginning. boy. i know they're glad to be on dry land this morning. >> they are. and we spoke to many of the passengers throughout the night. many came onshore. but most this morning are back on the luxury liner. and will have to spend one more night onboard. the tour company is chartering an airplane home for them tomorrow, after being tossed about on the antarctic, getting the adventure of their lives. "the clelia ii" finally reaches argentina overnight, after being hobbled on the high seas. passengers visibly relieved and
7:32 am
smiling. >> we're lucky to be here. happy to be here. >> we go home with a great story. >> reporter: this video from a nearby ship showed what passengers endured. their cruise ship tossed about by 30-foot, sometimes 40-foot wave. hit by one massive wave in the drake passage, its communications knocked out. 's pengen disabled. for the passengers and crew members onboard, a white-knuckle experience inside. >> i just thought, she's a great ship. i hope she holds together. >> reporter: passengers told us of chaos inside. the force of the waves so great, garbage cans rolled down the halls. men and women flipped over in their chairs. some even launched out of bed. >> the ship rolled. the next thing you know, you saw people's feet going, even though they were sitting down. >> reporter: fortunately, nearby, the crew of the "nat geo
7:33 am
explorer" came to the rescue. despite the fact this very ship ran aground last year with a different captain, the cruise company told us this veteran captain acted heroically, staying on the bridge for four days-straight. >> while we were going through the storm, the crew was all around to help the passengers. >> reporter: john bowermaster, an expert antarctic adventurer, has taken 20 trips to the region. >> it's like slamming into a three-story building repeatedly. hits the waves. stops. if you're in that boat, you're being tossed around. >> reporter: many we spoke with, added they knew the risks going in. after all, it wasn't your average vacation cruise. >> they let us know when we signed up for the trip, to expect the possibility of rough seas. >> this group of travelers is ready for anything, really. overseas adventure travel. >> now, the president of the cruise company told me they plan to reinforce all the windows on
7:34 am
the bridge and double the backup communications onboard. their one backup sat phone was not working. i asked if the roughly $10,000 fare might be refunded. and he says he plans to offer every passenger onboard a full refund. we're going to talk to some of the passengers about that. joining us now, kim and linda mates. we see the video. and we're getting seasick. describe what it was like, those rough seas so far from land. linda? >> well, it was plenty rough. actually, i saw the video last evening. and i couldn't believe that that was our ship. but everything was -- it was pretty exciting. >> i'm sure that's one way of putting it.
7:35 am
ken, when did it all start? talk about how many days were you out there before you encountered the rough seas? >> well, we had rough seas going down. they were probably 30-foot. and we spent three days going down? then, when we came back, we got into some heavier stuff. and that's when the captain idled back, put the nose into the waves. and we just rode it out. >> when you were riding it out, because you lost some power, you said. give us a sense, linda, on the atmosphere onboard when this was happening. >> well, just to correct the record, robin, we never lost power. we were always under power. and the captain always kept the bow into the wind. we may not have made much headway and a forward direction. but we never lost power. everything on the ship continued
7:36 am
to function. the staff was there to help people maneuver around, so no one would get hurt. in all of what happened on the way back, none of the passengers were injured at all. we did have a couple of injuries on the way down. but when we got into these heavy seas, none of the passengers were injured. a crew member, unfortunately, was. but we had our nature -- the team leaders were giving nature talks. and the kitchen continued to function. only one lunch the kitchen could not function. and they came out with little finger sandwiches for us. and all. but otherwise, they maintained their standards, which were very high and excellent. and -- >> and you both -- >> they were very good.
7:37 am
we're seasoned travelers. >> and you are -- seem to be, too, the way you're describing everything. and you kind of knew going in, not to this degree. but the drake passage is get a little scary at times. passengers knew that something like this was a possibility, ken? >> yes. we were told that we could expect up to 35-foot, 40-foot seas on the drake passage. we were just hoping for calmer seas. >> yeah. and we were also told, you may spend two days in your stateroom, going across drake and coming back. you were fully informed what might have demeanor what to anticipate. >> to go to antarctica, it was well worth it. we would do it again. >> it was spectacular. >> oh, my goodness. you heard juju say that you're going to get a full refund. so, founds like you're going to take him up on it and be able to go for free next time.
7:38 am
>> that's the first we're hearing of that. but that would be a wonderful situation. >> well, you heard it here first on "good morning america," in argentina. you're getting a refund. >> we can only hope it's accurate. >> all right, you two. you're great sports. and so thankful that no one was seriously injured. sorry about that one crew member. we appreciate it. hope you have an exciting weekend there in argentina. and come on home safely. thank you, both. >> thank you, robin. >> thank you. >> they're fun. >> they think it's not true, though. >> i know. we're going to be on the hook for that money if it's not true. juju, other developing stories. you said it. >> we have other developing stories. what adventurers. nice. good morning. we begin with the surprising revelation about airport security in the news. the faa apparently has no idea
7:39 am
who owns one of third of the private and commercial airplanes in the u.s. an investigation by the associated press finds ownership records are full of fake names and addresses. that could make it easy for terrorists to buy planes without the government's knowledge. the faa is launching a new registration system next year. holiday shoppers are keeping the plastic in their wallets. one survey finds only 17% of shoppers are using credit cards. about half the percentage from last year. and it's the lowest since records have been kept. we have another recall from johnson & johnson to tell you about. this time, 13 million packages of soft-chew rolaids are being recalled because of pieces of metal and wood that can be inside them. has complete details. this morning, the ground is still smoldering near san diego, where bomb experts set fire to this house packed with explosives. it was the largest cache of explosives ever found in a home in the u.s. and it included petn.
7:40 am
the man who rents the house is under arrest. but police don't know why he kept so many explosives. and they're not sure if the house is safe to enter. that's the news at 7:39. >> juju, thanks so much. let's get back to sam. i want to see the winter wonderland, essex, vermont. oh. >> robin, good morning. horse and buggy is pulling us in. mac and maisy pulling us up. this is from the 1890s? all right. we've got a bonfire going right here. perfection in vermont. we show you a little bit of snow. we have light snow that came in a couple of days ago, through the area. eight or nine inches of snow. let's get to the boards. by the way, this is "gma" lights up america. at the 8:00 hour, we'll turn on our christmas tree in a perfect vermont setting. there's more cold air in this
7:41 am
arctic outbreak. we're not done with this. if you thought this pocket of cold air was in, it's even colder. minneapolis will stay below zero on sunday. and chicagoland will barely get to 19 degrees. this is a cold air system that develops over the weekend, with a big storm system, as well, that will dump a good amount of snow. chicago, we believe you'll go you're going to hear a lot more from the st. michael's college choral group. all that was brought to you by las vegas. this is flawless vermont seasonal holiday stuff. >> oh, sam. beautiful. really gets you in the christmas
7:42 am
spirit. thank you so very, very much. you would think the way i'm whispering -- >> like the peanuts christmas special. i hate to say, coming up next, the dangerous real-life racing game that's putting the lives of teens at risk. come on back.
7:43 am
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7:45 am
here's something we just found out about that surprised and worried us. teens across the country have come up with a new and incredibly dangerous game called fugitive. it's described as cops and robbers on steroids, using real cars to race through the streets. and neal karlinsky reports, coast-to-coast, cops are cracking down on it. >> reporter: you're watching a youtube video of a modern-day game of cops and robbers called fugitive. a game with very real risks involved. >> at night. 150 people. energy drinks. adrenaline.
7:46 am
testosterone. it's a blast. >> reporter: 19-year-olds james bosher and chris dimarco have played in or organized dozens of fugitive matches. >> i ran in tons of front yards. and someone came out with a gun. that's unfortunate. >> reporter: unfortunate? come on. you could have been shot. >> it's true. >> reporter: the game is played after dark, in real neighborhoods populated by normal people who have no idea what's going on. organizers tell us this is a typical fugitive game course outside of seattle. runners, called fugitives, start at the school and try to make their way to a restaurant three miles away on foot, without getting caught. chasing them, fellow students in cars, who try to corner them, jump out and tag them. >> people have been jumping out of cars while they were moving. somewhat relatively fast. but we tell people that if any rules are broken, and anyone gets hurt, we'll put an end to the game. >> reporter: a week ago, outside
7:47 am
of seattle, two teenagers were hospitalized after crashing their car into a tree and fence, while reportedly chasing players. >> we used to play cops and robbers as kids. now, they're playing cops and robbers, one group of kids chasing another group of kids. but they're doing it in cars. >> reporter: the game has a facebook page and a loyal following. police worry that parents seem to be unaware, kids are playing a game they fear could very easily turn very tragic. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> a lot more parents will be asking for questions now. when we come back, the little girl with a very big voice that you have got to hear. [ female announcer ] you won't believe your eyes.
7:48 am
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♪ u.s. attorney general eric holder will address a muslim group. it will be the first time addressing a national muslim group according to the director. our media partner says holder's speech comes at a time when bay area muslims are especially concerned about government eavesdropping. let's find out more about the rain, mike. >> we have some drizzle out there, some fog, flight arrival delays at sfo.
7:57 am
check out our flight tracker at live doppler 7 hd, scattered sprinkle possible, upper 50s to lower 60s. warmer this weekend. >> a car that drove off the freeway on to the front ankle road. still blocked. traffic flows in both directions and especially heavy out of for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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8:00 am
♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ ♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ a big crowd downstairs. we have two very funny people this hour. we have carrie fisher and colin quinn for "the morning mix." i've been looking forward to this all week. we'll get them to weigh in on charles and camilla. and my favorite wikileaks leak so far. there's that picture again. the one that called david letterman an agent of influence. and the surprise of the morning. did you know that pole dancing is now -- >> i can't hear. they were talking so loud over there. that's what i'm saying. they're going on. i don't think you'll get a word in edge-wise. >> that's fine. they're going to weigh in on whether pole dancing should be an olympic sport. >> all right. that's a tease.
8:01 am
and the folks from "what would you do?" have come up with one of their diciest scenarios yet. what would you do, if you saw a pregnant woman drinking? not just a glass of wine. but shots, tequila, to excess. wait until you see what happens. >> i cannot wait for that. and our christmas double-header. how to deck the halls on a budget. we have a new winner in our 12 days of cooking challenge. she's in the kitchen with emeril, making delicious cookies. that's all coming up. first, now, on last night's royal ambush. protesters in london attacked the rolls-royce carrying prince charles and his wife, camilla, raising new questions about royal security. so, we spoke to dickie arbiter, the queen's former press secretary. and i asked him how this could happen. >> it's a big question being asked here in london. it's a big question that the police are going to have to really think about because it shouldn't have happened. what seems to have happened is, they were this big demonstration in parliament square.
8:02 am
it spilled to trafalgar square up the road. and protesters decided to target the west end, busy shopping area particularly over the christmas period. prince charles and his wife, the duchess of cornwall, were driving to the london palladium for a royal premiere. and they got caught up in it. the route shouldn't have been that route. but it was. the police should have been more vigilant. but they weren't. we saw what happened. the windows got broken and the paint got splattered over the car. robin? >> and the windows were broken. many thought they would have bullet-proof glass. we understand that the royals opt for less-secure vehicles because they want to be able to be seen by the people and roll down. do you think they're going to rethink that now? >> no. it's an isolated incident. it's an isolated incident that they will look at very seriously and avoid it, should it ever happen again. or should there be a threat again. no. the royals enjoy looking out and seeing people. and the people want to see the royals. what is interesting is that you
8:03 am
can see in the footage, and this is something that the prince of wales always does, every time he gets in the car, is open the windows. and the windows are open, both sides, about six inches. how they didn't get splashed by paint inside, i don't know. but they certainly were shaken. he was -- he's been in the thick of something like this before. but the duchess of cornwall certainly hasn't. and she looked shaken when she arrived at the palladium last night. >> i know that you say and others say that this is an isolated incident. but there's been a lot of talk about the royal wedding coming up in april. and people are concerned could something like this happen again? >> it won't happen. history is almost repeating itself. if you go back to 1981, when charles and diana got married. there were inner city riots in liverpool, in the midlands. and these were eventually quelled. and they disappeared into the ether. then, we had the wedding and we had a grand day. now, we have these student riots, round about just before a royal wedding.
8:04 am
and we'll have a wedding and everything will be wonderful. when it comes to the royal wedding, we'll have a grand day. and there won't be any security problems. >> we're going to hold you to that. dickie arbiter, thank you so much. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> and more protests are expected later today. now, let's look at the other stories. back to juju at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. this morning, president obama is predicting congress will pass the tax cut plan he negotiated with republicans. speaking with npr, he said he won't rule out changes to the bill by house democrats who are furious about the estate tax cut. support for the plan is much stronger in the senate, which holds a key vote monday. defense secretary robert gates said this morning he's disappointed that congress has failed to lift the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. senate republicans thursday blocked an effort that would have allowed gays to serve openly. but another vote could be taken in the coming days. new trouble for wikileaks founder, julian assange. abc news has learned the justice
8:05 am
department is working on a grand jury indictment against him for spying in connection with his release of secret government documents. assange is currently being held in london, fighting extradition on sexual assault charges. and jury deliberations are set to resume this morning in the elizabeth smart kidnapping case. defense attorneys acknowledge brian david mitchell abducted smart in 2002 and held her captive for months. but they insist he's delusional. prosecutors say mitchell is faking mental illness to avoid prison. now, diane sawyer, posing an intriguing question for tonight's "world news." diane? >> and a good end of the week to you, juju, and everyone at "gma." we're going to ask the question tonight, can we go back to the serene days before twitter and texting? facebook? see our social experiment. and the wonders it brings to some very young faces. our "persons of the week." and that's tonight on "world news." >> we love "persons of the week." one more programming note,
8:06 am
join christiane amanpour sunday morning on "this week," for her interview with prime minister gordon brown. they'll discuss europe's economic crisis and those riots that led to the attack on prince charles and camilla. that is the news at 8:05. time, for weather with sam champion, who is in vermont. and set for a countdown of holiday spirit, right, sam? >> it's true, juju. we're here with everyone from the underhill i.d. school, right? we're going to light our tree. this is the first tree of the season on "gma" lights up america. ready to do it just like we practiced? >> yeah. >> okay. in three, two, one. hit the lights. beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] and we start this with perfect vermont christmas. we found it in essex, vermont. we're at the essex inn, outside. we're going to do holiday cheer later on in the next half hour. and show you the food they celebrate with. you're listening to the st. michael's chorale group.
8:07 am
♪ absolutely beautiful. this is exactly what we wanted for our first lights up. bing crosby will be coming out anytime to do "white christmas." let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. there's a big system that moves its way across the country. and a pocket of arctic air. my lips are frozen. as that happens, here's the news for chicago. we think you're spared the heaviest snow. it's more of a minneapolis big snowstorm. it' been a very snowy season in minneapolis. and you'll get a lot more snow out of this. chicago, on saturday, you'll start as rain. you'll go to a heavy wind and snow. two to four inches of snow, will really blow around. and we think this arctic air moves into new england and solidifies the fact that this is a cold start to the season.
8:08 am
all right, everybody. give them a big wave. it is officially about one degree here in vermont. back to you in the studio, george. >> thank you, sam. time, now, for "the morning mix." joining me at the table, carrie fisher. her hit stage show, "wishful drinking," has been made into a documentary. premieres sunday night on hbo. and colin quinn, his one-man show, long story short, has been extended on broadway. ali and i had a great time at your show. thank you, both of you, for coming in this morning. let's start with the pictures of the royal attack. charles and camilla. the crowd shouting off with their heads. they look shocked there. and later on, she says, there's
8:09 am
a first time for everything. it's not quite let them eat cake. but they had to go on. >> they had to go on, meaning they still had to go to the theater. yeah. it takes a lot of energy. why attack them, though? they don't run the government. did anyone not -- >> good point. although, they're a symbol -- >> of government? >> the government has to report to the queen. has to present to the queen. >> so that she can weigh in on it? >> so, they're blameless. >> blameless? no. look at them. >> the two of them look -- ooh. they're protesting what? tuition cuts? hikes? >> hikes. big hike. $10,000. >> they're soft. american students do the right thing. we deal with columbia. that's how you do it. >> can you imagine something like that happening here? >> which part? we don't have the royalty. >> yeah. >> that would be so funny if we
8:10 am
did, though. >> we should have royalty. that's a great idea. >> if you would attack -- we should get royalty. >> i was thinking, we could be the royalty. i was thinking the opposite. >> oh, yeah. we would be able to field it. >> who better than us? >> yeah. >> my favorite wikileaks document finally came out this week. did you hear about this? david letterman. agent of influence. in saudi arabia -- >> they love him. >> they love david letterman. they love "desperate housewives." and they're saying these shows are having more influence than all of the american propaganda. >> that makes perfect sense. what is the propaganda? put it in their venues, americans are bad. what is -- how are they -- >> i like as everyone unveils watching "desperate housewives." >> in including the men? >> which one are the men? and which are the women? i hope they don't find out that rachel and ross are jewish.
8:11 am
there could be big problems. >> maybe not. this may be able to open that up. >> what do you think of the wikileaks thing? do you think it hurt us? >> we were just talking about before. we don't know. didn't they do a lot on afghanistan and stuff? >> if that's true -- >> it could. >> it could. >> someone got killed. that's bad. we don't like the guy because both of us. we don't like the guy because of that arrogant look. he looks like neil patrick harris. >> exactly. and that really -- that will make for really bad diplomacy, too, right? >> exactly. >> it's hard for him to be the focus of evil with that look, though. >> wait a minute. not if he looks like neil patrick harris. did you say he moved to sweden? >> yes. not neil patrick harris. >> okay. >> he's in trouble for sexual harassment. two women say -- >> what? >> that's right. >> that's the reason. that's why he's been arrested in england. they picked him up because of a
8:12 am
warrant out in sweden. two women accused him of sexual harassment. >> the only cool part is that global manhunt. that's impressive. when somebody has a global manhunt out on you. that doesn't happen except for "the borne identity." that's impressive. a global manhunt out for him. >> they'll do a movie of this. >> yeah. >> they finally did get him. we have a reality show pairing, never before seen, coming up this weekend on "sarah palin's alaska." kate gosselin goes up to alaska to meet sarah palin. >> how about meeting kate and her eight kids? >> it's a palin/gosselin campout. >> i have never camped for real. >> she's going to rely on me to protect her. >> i'm freezing to the bone. i'm freezing. >> come on. it wasn't that bad. >> you guys have been in pitch meetings. tell me about that pitch meeting. kate meets sarah. >> i think the only pitch probably was kate's ratings are
8:13 am
down. and sarah's are way up. >> yeah. and then, they have a conflict. it's not enough to have them together. they have to have a conflict. >> it is an odd couple. >> it reminds me in "the deer hunter," when robert de niro and john -- >> you have to get that. >> john's like the bad hunter. and de niro's the good one. >> who is who in that situation? >> sarah was the real hunter. and kate gosselin -- >> the odd couple? is she a liberal, kate? >> i don't think so, actually. i don't know much about her politics. she didn't love picking up the gun. but she said she would do anything to protect her kids. >> but she said she doesn't believe in guns. >> how? she's american? i'm kidding. >> yeah. >> is it supposed to be an odd couple thing? >> i guess. >> i think i read that kate likes sarah. >> it was one of those pitch meetings. you're right. "dancing with the stars." >> it was ratings. >> is sarah palin good for comedy?
8:14 am
>> yes. >> no. i feel like it's too much. it's like shooting fish in a barrel at this point. everybody does sarah palin jokes, everybody where i go. >> oh, that. and she also -- >> it's played out. >> that's true. but it was good for comedy. and it still could be. >> we'll see what she does. before we go, i have to ask you both about this. it just crossed the wires this morning. the international pole dancing championships are in tokyo. they're applying to be an olympic sport. >> i always felt it should be an olympic sport. how many times have i said that to you? >> and she said wet t-shirt contests. >> yeah. hopefully that will be like shooting fish in a barrel. >> okay. carrie fisher, colin quinn. thank you both very much. when we come back, what would you do if you saw a pregnant woman drinking a lot? taking shots? you'll be surprised what these people did and didn't do. so i take two eggo homestyle waffles
8:15 am
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8:19 am
we are? okay. better get a recipe going. how would you react if you saw an expectant mother drinking heavily at a bar? would you tell her to stop because it could harm her child? well, the "what would you do?" found out how some folks would handle a boozing mom-to-be. and john quinones is here to tell us what happens when people don't know the cameras are rolling. >> drinking liquor while pregnant can cause fetal alcohol disorders that lead to birth defects and mental retardations. developmental problems with life-long consequences. so, "what would you do?" if you saw a woman who was clearly pregnant, slamg down drinks at the bar? it's sum irtime at a new jersey beach town. inside mcloone's seaside restaurant, people enjoy a bite and a drink. >> down the hatch.
8:20 am
>> reporter: but one woman seems to be enjoying a few too many. >> make it a double. get me one more. >> reporter: and what's more, she's pregnant. >> it's starting to kick. yeah. >> reporter: so pregnant, it looks like she's ready to give birth at any moment. >> when you get a chance, i'll take a tequila. the baby is loving them. >> reporter: good thing our actress isn't really pregnant. and she's drinking juice, not real alcohol. we rigged the bar with hidden cameras. >> well, cheers. >> reporter: when our pregnant actor drinks wine, most people don't even raise an eyebrow. >> my doctor told me, go home, relax. have a glass of wine. >> reporter: but what if she starts downing shots? would anyone intervene? not this woman. she says it's a personal choice. >> strong. >> wow. that was fast. i think, like, when you feel good, the baby's good.
8:21 am
>> that's what i say. >> so, you know, i don't judge you. >> reporter: after seeing our actress down four drinks. >> straight up. straight up. straight up. >> reporter: this mom bargains for what she thinks is the lesser of two evils. >> do you have a cigarette i can bum off of you? >> are you going to smoke, as well as drinking with a baby in your belly? that's not a good idea. >> it will relax it. >> promise you're not going to drink anymore and i'll give you a cigarette. okay? >> since the drinks are coming slow today, i'll take another one. >> reporter: listen to this grandmother, who gets angry. >> you're pregnant. you just had a tequila. you have to think about that baby. >> what about me, though? >> you can have fun after the baby. you're carrying a child, for crying out loud. >> now, there are some doctors who say an occasional glass of wine after the first trimester might be okay. but the surgeon general warns that there is no known safe
8:22 am
amount of alcohol that you can drink while you're pregnant, robin? >> so, what was the most common reaction you received? >> most people told us they felt awkward. they didn't want to step in. then, you would think that women would be the ones who say more. >> yeah. >> you'll be surprised how one man responds to this whole thing. >> as always, we'll be watching, john. thanks very much. you can watch tonight's provocative "what would you do?" tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. one of our favorite features is "kwour e your three words." this week's feature is "sleigh ride." and the words and pictures are from you. ♪ just hear those sleigh bells jingling ring-ting-tingling too ♪ ♪ come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ outside, the snow is falling and friends are calling yoo-hoo ♪
8:23 am
♪ come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ >> a new windows phone can go from my pocket to taking your picture in seconds. what up, dave? i just point, shoot and post to facebook. so, instead of fumbling with my camera applications here, i can put my phone away and open my parachute. open yours, dave. hey, is it cool if i date emily when you're -- never mind. >> bye any windows phone and get a second one free. so, get your holiday on at at&t. >> they were so skut. especially my first christmas. send us "your three words" and you can find out how to do it at coming up in our last half hour, christian bale will join us live in our studio, after your local news and weather. [ male announcer ] for frequent heartburn relief,
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♪ a court hearing is scheduled in san francisco today to determine if the schwarzenegger administration can proceed with a sale of more than 20 state buildings. the governor wants to sell those buildings to private investors then have the state lease them back. the sale is indended to raise billions to offset the budget deficit. the scene of an accident that began as a high-speed chase. it's still there, frances. >> the close up of a car that drove off the freeway and landed on frontage road, crashed into a tree. the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the road is still blocked. here's berkeley right now. traffic is slowing eastbound
8:28 am
direction. we'll try to get that shot up for you soon as drivers take a look at that car, which you can see is still there. blocked westbound 80 also slow heading towards berkeley. bay bridge toll plaza though hasn't been that bad. friday light here backed up to the parking lot. golden gate bridge still a foggy ride. look out for new accidents at southbound
8:29 am
>> welcome back. here's live doppler 7 hd with radar returns in the east bay. fog and drizzle for the better part of the morning hours and scattered sprinkles this afternoon. mid to upper 50s, even 60 concord, mountain view and livermore. we'll be the low to mid-60s most
8:30 am
areas where the scattered showers, sprinkles up in the north bay, possibly upper 50s to near 60. warmin ♪ ♪ the silent stars go by yet in the ♪ once again, the gorgeous boys of st. michael's college chorale. they've been putting us in the holiday mood all morning long. sam is in essex, as "gma" lights up america. we're going to hear more of this beautiful music. and we'll have more from sam in a moment. we say good morning, america. alongside george, i'm robin, on this friday morning. >> they are putting us in the mood for christmas. we're going to continue that this half hour. we'll show you how to deck the halls on a budget. we have decorations to make.
8:31 am
and the 12 days of cooking challenge winner is here, making some cookies with emeril. >> in the kitchen with emeril. also, right upstairs, one of hollywood's hottest actors. christian bale is here. yes. i've been talking about this movie, "the fighter." you know i have. and we're going to talk to him. the critics love it, too. they called his performance, oscar-worthy. christian, coming up to talk to you. we're getting hazardous pay today. we're here with the flying -- and one brave audience member. you can see. i'm joined by paul. you guys really do juggle. and thank you so much for coming here. >> our pleasure. >> for the warm coats, warm hearts drive. tell us why it was important to you. >> we have our organization where we also help people out. and we think it's great that people, like the burlington coat factory, help people to keep warm.
8:32 am
>> and we're watching the video. tell us about this. >> this is the show coming right here to new york. we have an open-ended run. right downtown in new york. come find us. we do juggling. we do all kinds of comedy. we have a gamble where we invite people to bring things for us to juggle. and we get a pie in the face that gets a standing ovation. >> and i'll bet you win most of the time. >> i do. >> see if you can keep juggling while you throw your coats in the bin. in the meantime, we'll get our new totals. are you going to get the coats? there we go. and the new total, 77,509 coats. fantastic. thank you. keep on going. absolutely. you all can donate at your local burlington coat factory. find out all about it on our web page, >> i think i'm good. ready to go from juggling back up to sam.
8:33 am
>> good morning, george, robin. we'll take the 77,000 coats just to keep warm. it's officially one degree. jane kerley, who is the director of culinary programming at vermont essex resort and spa. we were looking for the perfect holiday feel to kick off our "gma" lights up america and you guys gave it to us. >> welcome from the greater burlington area. you've been around our resort today. >> you cookout, year-round. don't be afraid to smoke the turkey when it's this cold? >> why mess up the kitchen when you don't have to? we leave that outside sometimes. >> when you decorate around here. some of the things are so beautiful. this is lovely. >> this is a token bush. it means crack until the mouth. it's very crunchy. it's put together with a little bit of syrup that is essentially sugear and water that is boiled until it gets sticky.
8:34 am
and it's an edible centerpiece. >> all of jane's recipes, we have online. go to "gma." and all of the cool recipes are here. i love the orange. it's a big thing in new england when you get an orange in your stocking. you put it out and put a little candy cane in it. suck the juice and you get orange and peppermint at the same time. >> and let the juices flow. >> let's get to the boards. one, big weekend map. that big weekend storm in the middle of the country. down in the south, we'll stay warm in florida. also, we'll stay warm in california. watch your abc stations around @
8:35 am
the beautiful voices of st. michael's. we'll now take it to juju with "deck the halls." ♪ that's a perfect segue. we're going to be decking the halls. we want to make our home look festive. some of us are better than others. but there's lots of inventive ways to do it on a budget. and jordan crouch, senior associate editor is here to show us how it's done. right? >> yep. >> i'm not the most crafty. but i have kids. and we get crafty together. >> they're really friendly. really simple. we'll start with the wreaths. these wreaths are made with styrofoam balls and wreath forms from our craft store. you can use it year after year. >> all sorts of colorful, different yarns. >> and toothpicks to stick them
8:36 am
on there. >> and they look expensive. >> they're not. you can use jars that you already have. apothecary jors. it's artificial spray snow. we feel it with things you already had home. >> beautiful. and i love using the scrabble pieces. >> we sprayed the holders white to look crisp. and you can use them for place card holders at dinner. >> if you have a dinner party -- >> exactly. >> what are these? they're so retro-looking. >> this is dress pattern paper. and you use an iron-on adhesive. it's simple. you can use any kind of paper. we use wrapping paper. >> this is so cool. it looks like a very expensiv expensive -- >> it's not. you can use iron-on adhesive. $25 for a lot. you can make a lot of stockings.
8:37 am
and getting the kids to arrange your family photos or photo copying it. >> you get the paper and iron it. >> iron on the laminant. then, you use the template we have on our website. cut it out. and sew the back and front together. >> it's cheaper. >> and so personal. >> you can get these at the craft store? >> they're about $1 each. anything you have at home, anything colorful, looks so pretty. >> how did you get the flowers in there? >> the poinsettias, we cut them. and popped them in a floral tube with water. because of their size, they look beautiful just resting. >> and have the $1 ornaments look really expensive when you put something shimmery in it. you put peacock feathers. >> and these are chandelier prisms we got on ebay. >> what the tags?
8:38 am
>> those thooez are old-school price tags. they look great. use twine to hang them all over the tree. >> it's so colorful. and so festive. not at all expensive. look at the balls down here. >> and you can get rid of and use them next year. take everything out. and use them again and again. >> doesn't have to be intimidating. doesn't have to be expensive. >> no. >> thank you, jordan, for giving us all the great tips. of course, you can find out more about decorating on a budget, at you'll also find our holiday shopping guy with all sorts of ideas for gift-giving on every budget and every list. coming up next, you have to stay with us. i can barely see straight. you know what? christiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaia
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we've been talking about this. "the fighter." a true story of two brothers who come together to try to win a world championship and become boxing legends in the process. christian bale plays dickie ecklund, a former pro fight they're has sunk into a life of petty crime and drug addiction. but he prevails for his mother.
8:42 am
thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> we've been showing you some love. >> i appreciate that very much. >> we think it's important for people to see this. it's about redemption. >> it is. >> it's about family. >> it is. it's not just a boxing movie. boxing is a wonderful backdrop for this movie. it may not be your typical christmas family movie. >> true. >> but it's a family movie. it's all about loyalty and the nature of that. and at what point it becomes -- at what point it's sincere and loving? and at what point it becomes unhealthy? and how you have to redefine your relationship with loved ones in order to succeed at times. and how painful that can be. but they have just this incredible bond between the two brothers. it's a real yin and yang. they couldn't have done it without the other. and against all the odds, you know, they manage to become world champions. >> and you play the big brother, who -- >> yeah. >> everyone thought was going to be the champ. >> he was the star.
8:43 am
you know? he was going to be the bread-winner. by the age of 13, he was fighting in illegal fights, where he would pretend he was older. he fought hundreds of fights before he fought sugar ray leonard when he was 21. he was the bread-winner. and i think the burden of that took him down. and he loved to party. he would just -- dickie is phenomenal, in that he can -- if there was an award for staying up all week, not sleeping, drinking, partying, and then jumping in the ring and winning, he'd get it, hands down. but eventually, that caught up with him. and then, he got into crack. and crack just owned him. and he couldn't do it after that. >> many of us remember that hbo special. >> oh, you do? >> yeah. >> wonderful. >> right. which was, a disaster for the family because they didn't know that was what it was going to be about. but ended up with dickie pushing it too far.
8:44 am
he ended up doing jail time. and he said, it's the best thing that could have happened. it got him clean. it got him clean in the head. >> yeah. >> and for the first time, he realized that his time was up. and it was really time for his little brother. but it took some convincing of his sisters and his mom, to let them know, the mantle has to be passed right now. but he did it incredibly successfully. he left jail. and he trained his younger brother to become world champion. >> that's perfect setting up for this. the clip we're about to see, he's out of jail. he's clean. and he's been hard on his brother. now, he wants to be a help. >> yeah. >> here it is. "the fighter." >> what makes you say that? >> i got news for you. right? my brother loves you. and you can't just run away because of me. he don't deserve that. right? so, i will quit, if you want me to quit. swear to god. i will quit if you means you come back. all right? but i want you to think about something.
8:45 am
micky has a chance to do something that i never did. and in my time, i never had. >> you know, we respect you on so many levels. and you're getting a lot of oscar buzz about this. you dropped 30 pounds for that role. you became dickie. and at the end of the film, you see the real dickie, you go, oh, my gosh. you are him. but you had to tone him down? >> we had to tone him down a little bit. dickie is a larger-than-life character. there he is. there we are. all right, dickie. and he also speaks -- he speaks dickinese. that's what we call it. he has his own vocabulary. but dickie and me would be rapping on the set. and nobody else would have a clue what we were saying. david russell did a fantastic job. we know dickie is like that.
8:46 am
but nobody else does. and we have to bring it down a little bit. or else it will be subtitled. >> there's no budget for the subtitles. a final question. "batman." the third time is a charm. will it be the last time we'll see you? >> i believe it will be. >> really? >> this is down to chris nolan. if chris found another story he felt was worth telling, obviously, i would want to do that. but the plan was always that, you know, leave when the going's good. and let's give it one more shot. and chris has found a story he thinks is worth it. you can trust it. he's a good filmmaker. >> yeah, he is. >> and we'll be doing that. and i'll get in shape. to get in shape, i will be training with dickie at if you want to get a trainer, go online.
8:47 am
all right? >> you have a lot of heart there, christian. i know dickie appreciates that, too. >> i appreciate his help. he didn't need to help me. and he helped me so much preparing for this. >> can you give us a little as we go away. >> i don't know if anyone would understand. it takes me a little while to get up to it. and then, it's gone. i'm gone after that. i can never get back, you know? nobody would understand what i'd be saying. >> you know what i'm saying? >> you know. it's like kind of when you get a frog and you stick it in cold water. and it doesn't know it's getting boiled alive. that's how long it takes to get into dickie. >> that's one of putting it. >> that's what it is. it takes a little while. once it's in there, it doesn't leave you. >> thank you. thank you for sharing your talent. and you can catch "the fighter." it opens today in new york and boston and los angeles. this is going to expand nationwide next friday. check that out. coming up, emeril.
8:48 am
today's cooking challenge winner makes cookies.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we often go to the holiday time trying to do too many things. my advice, do one thing and do it well. is there a family member or an old friend you'd like to spend time with? or you need to have a conversation with. go for a long walk. listen to them. spend the quality time you need to make this a holiday time that's meaningful and special. and that you can look back on and say, i have accomplished something great. good luck. >> that was alan fleischmann, one of the 20 finalists in our dear "gma" advice guru. to get involved, go to our website and rate their responses at now, we're counting down to christmas with the next winner of our 12 days of cooking contest. tarina wimmer. i'm going to try to say this
8:51 am
fast. double chocolate drizzle hazel nut cookies. >> that's right. >> you got started here. >> a great recipe. there's a big family tradition, right? >> yes. >> you do neighborhood cookies. >> thousands of cookies. my sister and i do a cookiefest every year. we bake for hours. and it's a great time to spend quality time together. >> absolutely. >> the holidays, because everybody is so rushed. this just gives us really good time together. >> we started with butter and powdered sugar. and we're creaming that together. >> yes. cream this together. >> yeah. >> and what we're going to do is we're going to add, one egg. and vanilla. >> okay. >> nice. now, in this bowl here -- >> we have the flour. >> yeah. >> and your powdered sugar. >> yeah. >> baking soda. sorry. >> little baking soda. >> cocoa. >> just going to give it the color and the taste. >> right. >> we want to incorporate this together. >> right.
8:52 am
>> now, comes the big mix. >> now, the big mix. >> now, we want to be nice to george. you might want to turn the machine off. >> step back? >> yes. the stuff will go all over. >> i wouldn't do that to him. all right. now, we'll go slow in there. and you're gain to incorporate these ingredients. >> correct. >> hazel nuts. we have a bunch of them here. >> correct. >> you can buy already-shelled. you can buy them in pieces. and you put them in the food processor. you didn't make them a pouder. there's a texture to them. >> you can use a food processor or a chopper. whatever you have that's handy. >> once this is incorporated now, it forms this dough. is that when we add the hazel nuts? >> we add the hazel nuts to it. >> when that's incorporated, this is what the dough looks like right here. >> do you have to refrigerate it? >> right away. you want to take a little.
8:53 am
and we're going to form one of the cookies. i like to roll it in a ball first. >> greased baking pan. >> greased. >> how long do you bake them? >> you bake them at 375, to 10 to 12 minutes. >> all right. and they come out like this. >> correct. >> and they're sort ofs by cotty looking. and you drizzle this over. >> and you serve them for dessert, for emeril's ham. citrus-glazed cinnamon ham. >> and we have the recipes for both on our website. we have to go right now. get all of the recipes at @ç@ç@ç@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@x
8:54 am
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nunununununutwizzlers.nununununu the twist you can't resist. what a challenge today. that was great. thank you so much. have a great weekend. barbra streisand will be here next week. she's talking to robin. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
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♪ bell month police are alerting neighbors of at least two mountain lions near a school. this picture of a mountain lion's paw print was captured by belmont patch in a field behind ralston middle school. parents and teachers at the school and people who walk dogs nearby are advised to be extra vigilant. >> good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd showing light radar returns. there's still patchy drizzle. definitely some fog out there. flight arrival delays into sfo. check our flight tracker at we're going to have scattered sprinkles today, sunshine tomorrow. >> police chase in oakland ended up with aar


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